An Incredible New Beginning

I don't even know how to begin writing this post- my heart is overwhelmed and my eyes are full of happy tears. Today my mom started moving into her NEW house, thanks to Habitat for Humanity. I cannot fully convey through a blog post what an incredible blessing this house is for my mother and my family. This is the house that my family spent many many many days building, that we saw change from a dirt lot to a home.

habitat for humanity home
(I wish my brother was in this picture but he was working. He'll be living here, too!)

My mom has always been, hands down, the most generous woman I have ever met. She is generous when she has abundance, and she is generous when she has little. She has taught me- through her actions more than her words- that we are to love all people and help anyone that needs help in any way that we can. During times we were barely scraping by, she'd welcome people in our home for a meal or a place to sleep. She would say that even if all we had to share were beans, that we should share with those beans with those who needed it. She always reminded us that what we have is not our, that we are not to store up our treasures on Earth, and that we are called to love and to give. And give she has, over and over, and always with a happy and humble heart.

What Habitat for Humanity has given my mom and family is a fresh start. They now how a house to live in that is not only in good condition, but excellent. My mom has the freedom to spend more time at home versus at work. They have appliances that are reliable and a house that is incredibly efficient. My mom is just over the moon about a house that is healthy for Jacob to be in- she keeps talking about him spending all day there in the summertime, just him and his Abuelita.

Habitat for Humanity doesn't hand out free houses, instead they empower people to become responsible homeowners by providing mortgages with payments based on the owner's income. This makes homeownership a reality for many people who may have otherwise not had that chance. The qualifying process is rigorous and selective, but the guidance Habitat provides is invaluable.

habitat for humanity home
(Jacob breaking in the house, making sure it's suitable for a rambunctious boy. It is.)

I can't think straight enough to say what this means for us or what a blessing God has bestowed on my mom. Thank you to Habitat for Humanity and everyone who has volunteered their time and/or money to this incredible organization. I guarantee you that these houses mean more than you can ever imagine.

// here is a post from last Fall of the construction starting! I can't believe it's real now! //

// find out more about Habitat for Humanity here, and find information on how to volunteer here //


  1. This is so incredible! Habitat for Humanity is an organisation that I've long admired. It's so amazing to see their work in action, especially for somebody who, from the sound of it, truly deserves it :)

    The Wildest of Dreams

  2. This is SO awesome Annie, wow! I'm so so very happy for your momma, that she not only has been given this blessing of a home through Habit for Humanity but has also been given responsibility and empowerment along with the comforting space. I feel like, when a person is as giving and loving as your mom seems to be, she probably finds the greatest joy in knowing she can fulfill the responsibilities she has in her life, the responsibility of mother, of creating and maintaining not only a physical space for her family but also the responsibility of bringing life and love and home into the physical space. I am so happy that she now has a clean, safe, warm house to turn into a home, a place that she feels proud of and feels fully responsible for in taking care of it, a place that creates space for her to thrive as herself and in all of the roles that she relishes as an individual and as a momma and grandma. This is such a beautiful thing and I hope it feels like a continual celebration of life and love for her everyday that she wakes up in her home and every night when she rests her head with ease :)
    xo Moorea

    ps, it was great meeting you at the blogger meet up yesterday! I hope we can meet up again in the future.

  3. this is wonderful! your story brought tears to my eyes. i am very active with a local organization in my town and we reach out to our community. it's very hands on and in return we ask those we help to join us in helping others. anyway, this summer we are working on a habitat for humanity project. seeing how it affected your family here makes my heart flutter knowing that i will be helping someone in a similar style.

  4. This is so wonderful! I was a volunteer coordinator for habitat last year, getting volunteers for an after school program. It is definitely one of the best organizations. So happy for your family! :)

  5. This is so great! I had the opportunity to help with a Habitat house once and I left feeling so great about the organization. All of the people in charge of the building project were just so kind and generally really excited about the work they were doing and for the families who finally got to own their own home.

  6. This is one of the sweetest and most honest blogs I've read in a long time. Thank you so much for posting. I love Habitat for Humanity does exactly what you said it does, empower people. It give the home owners even more ownership and pride in their house. So happy for you, your mom and the rest of your family!

  7. WOW!! :)
    That is amazing <3


  8. This is so exciting! I'm so happy for her, and for all of you! What a blessing. Sorry we missed seeing you the other day. Sure enjoyed little J and big J.

  9. What an encouraging post! I've volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and because of them I've gone on to help people in 3rd world countries (Cairo Egypt Garbage slums and the Dominican Republic) help build homes. Its part of my heart. Im so encouraged that they were able to help your mom.

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