Parenting Advice You can't live without

(Wait...I'm NOT supposed to arm my child with a shovel while he's on a ladder?)

THIS McSweeney's article is hilarious and perfect and awesome. Here are some excerpts, but really, go read the whole thing here.

"Should I keep him in a bassinet or crib or should I let him just sleep in the yard, or the toaster?...
Should I feed him? And if so, where do I put the food? His eyeball? His butt? What kinds of cuts of meat do babies like? ...
I couldn’t tell which part of the baby was the face. Is his elbow his face? Is his onesie his face? ...
Can they play with tigers? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! When is it okay for him to go upside down in his carseat!?!"


  1. oh my gosh! this pic made me LOL!

  2. That was awesome. I laughed so hard I got all teary.

  3. oh yes...i cannot wait to read this. i heart JL. gah!

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  5. People actually ask questions like that?!?! Very odd. Your picture is amazing and sad all at once. aw.

    1. Oh, no. The article is a satire on the ridiculous "advice" strangers on the street offer up. It makes sense of you read it. ;)

  6. That was just brilliant and oh so true...I've shared it with every Mum I know!