What's in the box?

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen pictures of some of the really cool (and really weird) items I find when sorting through the boxes of vintage from the shop I purchased. I was able to get through a few boxes this weekend, and took some pictures of the process. I have already set aside bags that I know are just clothing or cloth (including linens), which left me with a lot of boxes of who-knows-what to look through. These are fun to dig through because I have absolutely no clue what's in them, and each box is so different than the previous one. It takes me about 15-20 minutes per box/tub/suitcase/5-gallon bucket, and I think I only have about 70 boxes left to sort through! Phew!

Step 1: Pull aside a box, always outside so the spiders and silverfish and animal droppings (gross, but true) never make it into my house. Since everything gets cleaned before heading into the shop, I'm ok with it being on the porch floor.

unpacking vintage 1, friendly fox vintage
unpacking vintage 2, friendly fox vintage
(at this point I freaked out a bit at the sight of those shoes and that giant bag)

Step 2: Separate into piles: For the shop, trash, antiques/collectibles, and to donate (anything useable but not vintage, like lightbulbs and other weird miscellaneous items). Sometimes things make it into our house, like lace curtains or cool pictures we like.

unpacking vintage 3, friendly fox vintage
unpacking vintage 4, friendly fox vintage

Step 3: Sort the contents of the "keep" pile into their respective bins. All the jewelry goes into one of the many suitcases of jewelry I have, shoes go in a shoe tub to hopefully find its match, and items I absolutely can't wait to clean and photograph make it onto my desk.

unpacking vintage 5, friendly fox vintage

unpacking vintage 6, friendly fox vintage

unpacking vintage 7, friendly fox vintage

Step 4: Antiques and collectibles get separated into "keep to sell" and a pile for an antique dealer Josh knows to sort through.

unpacking vintage 8, friendly fox vintage

unpacking vintage 9, friendly fox vintage

Not every box is this exciting, but I do usually find a few things that will make it to the shop buried in the piles of randoms. I found an embroidered Art Deco piano shawl in a box of office supplies and an Edwardian dress bundled up with some ugly Christmas decorations!

Out of this other box...

unpacking vintage 10, friendly fox vintage

...came a cool Pendleton Round Up program from 1936, a bunch of sewing patterns, lots of old photographs, and some children's garters! Oh, and a lot of trash.

unpacking vintage 10, friendly fox vintage

unpacking vintage 10, friendly fox vintage

At this point, I haven't washed or processed the majority of the items I am keeping for the shop. They all go into tubs, and while I wish I could leisurely look through them, the main task is to sort through it all first! The thrill of buying out a business sight mostly unseen is digging through these boxes. The woman I bought the shop from had boxes she never even went through! We had to pack and take EVERYTHING in her shop, from old flyers for her shop down to boxes of what turned out to be recycling piles or kids crafts! So, there you have it!


  1. I think those scissors are my favorite item among these things - so cool!

    1. I love them! I've found a few of them in these boxes, so one or two will make it into the shop.

  2. oh man! i wanna know what size those white heels are. xoxo

    1. There's only one so far, if I find the other one I'll let you know!

  3. can I reserve those chainmail heels? (btw, what size are they??) GEORGEOUS!

    1. I am not positive of the size, I'll have to dig them up. Can you email me your size and if they work I'll send you more info on them?


  4. I love those leather cloggy-type heels. So pretty.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons